Annunciation out now

I'm so pleased to share this song, Annunciation, with the world!

The track was recorded in Paris last year with the excellent Jon Lefèvre-Reich and mastered by the legendary Valgeir Sigurðsson at his Greenhouse studios.

The song looks at a tragic moment in a young person's life in a sort-of kaleidoscopic way, interpreting it from different perspectives and moments in time and space. I wrote it on a piano given to me by my wonderful friend & former singing teacher Lisa Beckley and her husband Robin. It's maybe the first song I've ever written by sitting at a keyboard. 

Matt (other 1/2 of SB) did such a particularly good job on this one. The electronic jolts in the chorus are so beautiful, and took the song in a whole different direction.

Our friend & maybe-future-labelmate Jethro Cooke made a beautiful video for the track, which you can watch here:

Video by Jethro Cooke Annunciation out now via Glass Guts -