I sing and make music in London, UK.

Having discovered the world of music through singing in my school choir and bands as a teenager, I went on to sing in the choir at St John’s College, Cambridge. There I focused mostly on writing about contemporary music and wrote dissertations about The Magnetic Fields and Ariel Pink.

A couple of years ago I started making with Matt Huxley, in a duo we went on to call Strange Boy. I have since found myself back in the world of choral music and founded the London-based choir, Shards, in 2016. After our first live shows at the Barbican we have gone on to be involved in a number of recording projects, mostly with the Erased Tapes label. I write and produce music for both Shards and Strange Boy.

In 2019 we will release the debut Shards album and make a new Strange Boy record, possibly an album too. We’ll see.